I am a ‘Consistent Community Advocate’ and a ‘Dedicated Transport Activist’ who has been continuously fighting for community issues, including transport and infrastructure challenges.

My family and friends often joke that when I am not working, I am advocating. Fortunately, they do understand that it is my way of contributing back to the community, which has given me everything over the last 20 years.

You will often find me at council meetings asking questions, writing letters to MPs and researching information. I do shy away from posting everything on social media, mainly posts around charity and social service as I believe these are personal matters not suitable for showcasing. I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words.

Having contested State Election in 2018 with a promise to continue to advocate for fellow residents and supporters, I am proud to have kept my promise and continue to be available to fellow residents as and when needed.

Along the way, I have met and collaboratively worked with many residents and organisations who continuously strive to make Wyndham better. People from different walks of life, making positive contributions to our community have all been part of my journey so far.

On the professional front, I have worked as a business analyst over the last 13 years and acquired extensive knowledge in the sectors of Health, Education, Justice, Super, Finance, Emergency Services and Telecom.